แนะนำแอพ iOS ลดราคาโหลดฟรี ประจำวันที่ 19 December 2014



พยายามมาอัพเดทให้เร็ว ให้ไว จะได้ดาวโหลดกันได้ทันการนะ กับแอพบน iOS ดาวโหลดกันไปฟรีๆ แต่ระยะเวลามีจำกัดนะ เมื่อวานงานยุ่งๆ เลยต้องขออภัยด้วยครับที่ไม่ได้มาฝากกัน วันนี้มาเร็วเลย แนะนำเกมส์ Fruit Ninja คงไม่มีใครไม่รู้จักมั้ง อีกแอพก็เกมส์ Fish Out Of Water! จากค่าย Halfbrick เอามาให้โหลดกันฟรี น่าสนใจนะ ส่วนแอพอื่น เข้าไปชมกันต่อได้เเลยครับผม

คำเตือน รีบดาวโหลดก่อนนักพัฒนาเจ้าของแอพนั้นๆ จะปรับเปลี่ยนเงื่อนไขเป็นเสียเงินตามปกตินะครับ




Brushstroke ($2.99 → Free, 22.0 MB): Transform your photos into beautiful paintings with just a touch with Brushtroke. This is a great addition to any iPhoneographer’s collection.

Brushstroke is all about simplicity. Pick a photo from your library or take a new one from within the app. Brushstroke will automatically transform your photo into a painting. You can then choose a different paint style, color, and canvas. Take some time and experiment, as there are a ton of combinations to create. When you’re all finished, sign your painting to personalize it and send it off via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You’re also able to have your new work of art printed and shipped to your doorstep.


Glow Puzzle ($0.99 → Free, 17.9 MB): You’re going to be glowing with satisfaction after conquering these challenging puzzles. It’s for gamers who enjoy casual, logic-based puzzles.

The object of the game is to connect all of the dots in each puzzle without reusing any completed paths. Just tap to pick a point and tap another to connect them. The game includes more than 850 puzzles, a glowing neon theme, animated solutions, and achievements via Game Center.


Geography Drive Arcade ($2.99 → Free, 47.7 MB): Join your kids and find out how well you know your U.S. geography with this educational game. It’s ideal for parents who want to help their kids get ahead.

Geography Drive Arcade is actually based on Spinlight’s popular Geography Drive USA for iPad. It includes all of the mini games from Geography Drive USA, offering a fun and engaging way to learn state shapes, capitals, flags, and spellings. Your kids are able to earn trophies for mastering the skills. They can also study an interactive map and learn all about each state


Fish Out Of Water! ($1.99 → Free, 28.2 MB): Get tossed into a competition where a group of playful fish and underwater mammals work together to impress the crab crew. It’s for anyone that has enjoyed Halbrick’s pick-up-and-play arcade games.

Fish Out Of Water is easy to learn but impossible to master. The panel of judging crustaceans will score you based on the number of skips, distance traveled, and overall performance. Your team of fishy friends have a wide range of skills, but only you can utilize them correctly to score the most points in three attempts. Beyond mastering each fish, it’s important to try to complete side goals and collect charm gems in order to construct new power-ups.


Fruit Ninja ($0.99 → Free, 52.0 MB): Halfbrick’s often imitated but never duplicated original fruit slicing game. It’s for gamers who enjoy fast-paced action.

Fruit Ninja was rebuilt with its latest update. Fruits of many shapes and sizes enter the screen from all angles. It’s up to you to slice them into juicy bits before they leave. String together combos using multitouch controls to climb the leaderboards. Just watch out for those dreaded bombs! Each blade now comes with a unique effect that will change the gameplay, so try to play around with them to see which best suits your style.


Fixum ($1.99 → Free, 11.1 MB): Move tiles around to match the solution design in Fixum. It’s ideal for those who enjoy sliding puzzle games.

Fixum is a blast because of its variety. Each level starts off with a grid of tiles filled with shapes and patterns. The goal is to make your grid look just like the design at the top. You’re able to swap any two tiles just by tapping them. The number of moves used and the amount of time taken determines your score. As you progress through the game, all kinds of new concepts will be added to complicate puzzles. The game includes 16 episodes, 800 hand crafted levels, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

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