How to change Yahoo Password on Computer?

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      Eva Jones

      If you have an account on Yahoo Mail and need to change Yahoo password on computer, follow the series of steps mentioned under:

      1.     Open a web browser on your computer and visit Yahoo Mail.

      2.     Log into your email account using the correct login credentials.

      3.     Once you are logged into Yahoo Mail, click on the “Name” tab and then on “Account Info”.

      4.     Click on the Account Security tab followed by a click on the “Change Password” link.

      5.     Follow the on-screen prompts to set a new password for your Yahoo account.

      6.     Once the Yahoo password is changed, click on “OK” to save the changes.

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      Demian Richardson

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      Mira Aniston

      If you cannot change your password, you can transfer your data to Outlook mail.
      This utility is efficient and user friendly, just a few buttons and three steps. I used it to import Gmail into Outlook 2010. It quickly transferred emails from Thunderbird directly to my Outlook profile as promised.

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