แนะนำแอพ iOS ลดราคาโหลดฟรี ประจำวันที่ 8 December 2014



   พยายามมาอัพเดทให้เร็ว ให้ไว จะได้ดาวโหลดกันได้ทันการนะ กับแอพบน iOS ดาวโหลดกันไปฟรีๆ แต่ระยะเวลามีจำกัดนะ เมื่อวานงานยุ่งๆ เลยต้องขออภัยด้วยครับที่ไม่ได้มาฝากกัน วันนี้มาเร็วเลย แนะนำเกมส์เบาๆ เล่นสนุกอย่าง Dracula Twin  และ  Gummy Drop เกมส์สนุกๆ เล่นง่ายๆ แก้เบื่อได้ และมีแอพอื่นๆ อีกนะครับ เข้าไปชมกันต่อได้เเลยครับผม

คำเตือน รีบดาวโหลดก่อนนักพัฒนาเจ้าของแอพนั้นๆ จะปรับเปลี่ยนเงื่อนไขเป็นเสียเงินตามปกตินะครับ




Full Deck Word Games ($0.99 → Free, 14.9 MB): Four addictive word games wrapped into one neat package. It’s for fans of words games that like to play alone.

Full Deck Word Games includes a total of four different modes, all of which have the same general concept: Play letter cards from the columns in order to create as many words as possible. Try to achieve longer word lengths to reach multipliers and climb the leaderboards. You’re able to recycle cards as well. The game also includes achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.


Dracula Twins ($1.99 → Free, 55.1 MB): Help the Dracula Twins rescue their friend and retake the family castle in this retro-inspired platformer. It’s perfect for fans of classic platformers like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Dracula Twins will take you straight down memory lane. Take the fight to Doctor Lifelust’s undead army as you make your way over, under, and around obstacles in order to reach each level’s exit. Your character is armed with skulls that can be tossed at enemies or you can simply bounce off of them. Search low and high to collect every last coin, letter, and emblem in order to earn a 100 percent rating. The game includes three playable characters that you can switch between during play, a classic world map, boss battles, and loads of fun.


Habits Pro – Organizer for Goals, Tasks and Health Tracking ($4.99 → Free, 18.3 MB): This productivity app helps you work on your positive habits to improve your daily life. It’s the ideal app for those who need to work on specific areas of their lives.

Everyone wants to be a better person, and Habits Pro will put you on the right path. You’re able to create as many tasks, or positive habits, as you like and schedule them for specific days of the week. Then keep track of which you’re able to complete throughout the day. Habits Pro will help you visualize your progress through graphs, calendars, and stat tracking. All of the information can be backed up via Dropbox and shared via email. You’re also able to password protect your data.



Gummy Drop! Best Free Candy Match 3 Puzzle Game! ($1.99 → Free, 68.2 MB): A cute gummy-based puzzle game from wildly popular Big Fish Games. It’s a fresh take on the match-three genre because you get to build a world at the same time. It’s great for people who enjoy puzzle games and watching their progress in each level.

Gummy Drop! is one slick looking matching game. It’s your job to match three or more squishy gummies to remove them from the board. To hit the target score before you run out of moves, you’ll need to create large matches or the rare cross matches to earn big points. The more gummies you match, the more resources you’ll earn to build up majestic structures. Come back daily to participate in unique events and claim your lottery tickets to earn unique prizes.





King of Opera – Multiplayer Party Game! ($2.99 → Free, 46.3 MB): Fight for fame and become the King of Opera in this frantic multiplayer party game. It’s the perfect game for a night in with a group of friends.

King of Opera will turn friends into enemies and enemies into, well, bigger enemies! The object of the game is to bounce your opponents off of the platform and out of the spotlight by getting your opera singer to ram into them. The catch is that your opera singer is constantly rotating, making it rather difficult to get him or her going in the right direction. The game includes five crazy modes to try, and the ability to play with three other friends on the same iDevice.



Chemio – A Student’s Chemical Reference ($1.99 → Free, 10.8 MB): Get to know your elements with this powerful chemical reference app. It’s great for both students and teachers.

You’ve never had so much chemical information available at your fingertips. Tap on an element to view detailed information including its name, atomic mass, electron configuration, atomic radius, density, molar volume, melting and boiling temperatures, and much more. You’re able to highlight specific groups of elements to make discovery easier. The app also includes a solubility table, molar mass calculator, and interactive electron configuration models.

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